Sisters full kit with free overlays and some coupon for you!!

good morning :) here is early morning Mia don't want to sleep hehe!! so I bring you the newest kit - Sisters!! I think the girls are the most amazing in the world hehe!! oki the boys too but you know I have 2 angels!!
So the kit is perfect for you or  for your daugthers, or any for your pictures!!

but first of all here are the winners of the kit:

thanks for your messages it means lot to me!! always good to read about you:)

the winners are:


e-mail me to: dido @ afterfivedesigns dot com!!

and soooooooooooooooooooo here is the kit:

Sisters full kit with FREE OVELAYS!!!!!
it is just $3.50 now!!!
buy it here 

The kit includes:

- 4 patterned paper
- 3 solid paper
- 87 elements - some of them are with shadowed version
- 5 unique overlays - for FREE - just for YOU!! 

and some amazing pages from the girls:
by altalena
by stepko
by chelisa
by JanettD
by Anja
by Imjocko
by Tonaphi
by JanaO
by Beaute
by ányi
by Traumelfe

and here are 3 free coupon to the kit:


and I would like to give you more 10% - so you can buy this kit 30%off!!


have a wonderful day!!

3 megjegyzés:

sherrylyn írta...

Thank you very much! Grabbed a coupon to this gorgeous kit!

EloDesigns írta...

OMG i've the coupon too!! Thank you so much sweetie this kit is totally fabulous!!! =)

imrossi78 írta...

Yaaaay!!! I won!! Thank you! I have sent you a mail already.