Sale sale sale and free coupon for you!!

oh hello for everybody!!

I wish you a wonderful day!
I know everybody have a sale so I don't want to say anything hehe ;)
I bring you today some intresting things!

First of all please welcome my newest pack of templates:
4 page templates in .psd and .tif files and with clipping masks!!

this is JUST $ 2.69 !! just today!!

and you can have more 10% 
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some inspirations from the amazing girls:

The pack is perfect for your christmas kit or christmas moments!!

and the surprice:

for those who spend $10 in my store between the weekend
get entered to win

$50  cash to spend in my store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have now 3 coupon - each $5 free:


I hope you will have an amazing thanksgiving day!!
Later I'll back with the name of the winner by the Lottery Ticket!!

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Köszönöm Didó :) már nem is annyira ködös a reggel :D ;) Biztosan felhasználom majd a karácsonyi fotókönyvbe:) további szép napot :) Puszi