more pages - December Daily

Hi there!!

I would like to show you more pages from my December Daily Album!!
I totally love to work on it!! and can't wait to print the photos and make the album full :)

and Dali has an album too :)
So I making two Albums for christmas hehe :) but she is the boss!! of course! 
Here is her cover with mine:

I hope you have an amazing week!!

and don't forget - this week we will have the Black Friday with many-many sales and much more!!
Come back later for more info!!

4 megjegyzés:

Janka írta...

Fantasztikus, hogy a nagylányod is készít egy albumot!!! Csodás ötlet eleve. Dizájner lesz ebből a lányból :D

Patty írta...

Hello there!! Thank you for such a nice comment on my blog. So happy to have found your blog as well. Your DD is looking oh so pretty:) Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!!

Roana írta...

It looks sooo great.
Fantastic work!!!

Hugs Roana

Kolibri írta...

De édes!!!! :)
Nálam az első oldalad, a varott, "it's christmas time" oldal a tuti befutó. Azért teljesen oda vagyok!!!!!!! Gyönyörűek! :)