happy mother's day!!

today is the mother's day in Hungary!! I would like to show you a page from us - me and my beautiful two girls!!

and If you want I would like to give you some coupons - you need just to show me pic about you and your child and I'll pick with my ct members 5 lucky - the best photos!!! don't forget to give me your e-mail adress too!!

ready to play?

Natali Design - one beautiful day!

Boldog anyák napját CSAJOK!!!!!!!!!!!

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Madeline írta...

Happy Mother's day to you.Wow! Beautiful family ...Amazing!

Tonaphi írta...

Happy Mothersday.
In Germany is it next week on Sunday.

Here is my Page (with Photo)for your contest.


E-Mail: Cuppycake-Scraps@hotmail.de


Timo írta...

woooooooow. gyönyörűséges!!! boldog anyák napját!!!!

Annja írta...

Oh, my God! What you're beautiful! With great pleasure I always look at your photos and pictures of your daughters. This simply adorable!
But our favorite picture together with her daughter.

Thank you for such an interesting and unusual competition. And thanks for the chance to win!

Annja írta...

Oh, excuse me for forgetting
My e-mail: radzivil81@inbox.ru

millu írta...

Én is megleptem magam egy oldallal Anyák napjára,ha nem baj,azt linkelném be.Igaz,nem ilyen gyönyörűséges,mint a tied.Nagyon szépek vagytok egy szép oldalon.Neked is boldog Anyák napját.



Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? írta...

Happy Mother's day! That page is just beautiful! Such a wonderful photo...

Olga írta...

Woow! What you're beautiful! I always look at your photos and pictures of your daughters.
But our favorite picture together with her daughter.Happy Mother's day!
my e-mail:olga.krepel@mail.ru

Heather írta...

Happy Mother's Day. What a gorgeous photo and scrapped page. My children are grown and I am very proud of the people they have become. It's wonderful to be a mother. I wish I had photos like yours.

Ányi írta...

Remélem, nem késtem még el, de végre idertem:
<-- Ezzel az oldallal :-)
Köszi a játékot, boldog anyák napját neked is! Pussz!

Irina írta...

Happy Mother's Day! Your photo is so sweet and you all are soo beautiful!!!! We have Mother's day in november:)
Here is my Lo and Photo (one of my favorite, my son is 2 month there) for your contest.

E-Mail: polub-irina@mail.ru

Névtelen írta...

I don't have time to play right now, Diane, but I LOVE this lo!!! It just thrills my black heart! LOL!!! Your Daughters are darling and this is so whimsical and beautiful!!! What kit did you make it from? Do you mind telling me?

Thanks bunches! Hugs!


Feli írta...
Ezt a megjegyzést eltávolította a szerző.
Feli írta...

Hello and thank you for the chance to win something!!
Here is my page with my son (when he was just a few weeks old):
Happy Mother's Day!!!

szrjudit írta...
Ezt a megjegyzést eltávolította a szerző.
szrjudit írta...

Szia, már gyönyörködtem ebben a csodaszép oldalban, de a fotót meg jók elfelejtettem, ha még nem késő, az én választásom erre esett:
Köszi a játékot! (szrjudit@gmail.com)

Madeline írta...

OMG!!! What a surprise!!! Thank you so much...Here is my email add: leila.ingmar@yahoo.com