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I know!! Everybody have it and everybody is happy :-) Soooooooo I have some new products too and I would like to give you some free coupons - if you would like ;)

Feel the NEW lines - template pack by Dido Designs.
The pack included 3 layered templates with shadow and both in .psd and .tif file! 

by Anubis1

  by ema79

by JanettD.

by karen perry

by petu

by shayenne

by stepko

by Timo

and the coupon: 
I have 5!!


and If you signed up to my newsletter you will have more coupons ;-)

Happy weekend and happy shopping!!!!!!!!!!!

ps: you can have this pack of template is you leave a comment - but you know ;-)


18 megjegyzés:

Madeline írta...

Wow! Fantastic template...Thanks for the coupon ;)) I got LUCKY today...woo hoo!!! Happy iNSD...xoxo

TJ írta...

Can't get into the store. I was there about twenty minutes ago and everything was fine.

sas-uk írta...

same here, the store just doesn't want to load, but i am so in love with those templates they are beautiful

Rebecca írta...

Very beautiful!!!

TJ írta...

I have been trying over, and over, and over..... again to no avail. After Five is crazy right now.

TJ írta...

Finally got it. Took around 90 minutes, but I got 'em. Now I can go get a well deserved cup of coffee.

TJ írta...

Forgot to say THANK YOU!!!!

Ányi írta...

Szuper az új tmp-pakk! :-)

Kizzy írta...

So lovely new Template!!! Love it!!

Dady írta...

Very beautiful template. Thanks

Madeline írta...

OMG!After I redeemed the coupon and been trying access the download page but wasn't successful Can't get into the store so I gave up ...now I wanted to download but I got this message:

ERROR: This download has exceeded 5 clicks and has been disabled.

Pls. I need Help ;) Thanks bunches...xoxo

Hudyna írta...

Really great work! Template has many uses, beautiful shape ... lovely .. fantastic pages! Have a nice

Annja írta...

Oh, the TTemplate was a miracle! You are brilliant, helping us make the page more beautiful and unusual! Thanks for the wonderful chance to win!

icka írta...

na ezt nem hagyom ki, szuper az új cucc, teljesen megújulva térsz vissza!!! gratulálok!

Wonder of my heart írta...

Those templates are really amazing, just gotta love them!! Thank you for a chance to win these!! Happy iNSD
Hugs Natascha

ilaggal írta...

Fantastic templates. Thank you.

LovelyMissKait írta...

Awesome templates! TY.

Jill Sarginson írta...

awesome template!!! beautiful layouts made with it