winner of the RAK and FREEBIE TIME!

Hi for all!

Thank you so much for all your amazing comments!

Mr. Random told me, the winner is:

congrats hun!
please e-mail me:
todido at gmail dot com

and here is a surprice for you!

a ready to use overlays for free!
If you want to have the other one please visit Anita's blog or Facebook fanpage and grab it!


Ps: the grab bag is in the O shop now but I'll back tomorrow morning with all the amazing things and inspirations from the creative team!

and an other surprice!

you can have this pack just for $1! yes you see right!


have a great day/ night!

don't forget to come back tomorrow ;)

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Scrapcoco írta...

Congrats !

Lilly írta...

I have sed you an E-mail.
Thanks you so much!!!! :) :) :)