guest DT member by color conspiracy - yes it's me :)

Hi there!!

I have a really good news! I am so excited to tell you I am a guest designer by color conspiracy

oh yes it is true! I am so happy and loved to work with thoese beauties!! 

I have a few projects with the goodies and hope you'll like them! 

Egy különleges hírrel jövök ma, még most sem hiszem el, de IGAZ :) 
December hónapban én lettem a Color Conspiracy vendég kreatív dizájnere :)
Mikor megkerestek, el sem mertem hinni, de azután, hogy megérkezett a csomag, az álomból valóság lett! 
Íme az alkotások, amiket a szuper csomagból alkottam - 3 scrapbook oldal, egy képeslap és egy mini album!

So excited to show you them:

the first one is a lo :)

"we are family"

the second one is a page as well:

"favorite shot"

and the third page:


-- this is my fav! you know how much I love the "white space" and the minimal ;)

I have  a mini album using the product of color conspiracy as well:

and the last one is a card :D 

I hope some of them are inspiring for you ;)

And thanks again for this amazing chance for Maska and Maya ;)
You are awesome girls :)

Have a wonderful day!

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Fantasztikus vagy Dia!!!