new photoBook_ the book of happiness and the extended sale!

Hi there!!

Today I would like to show you something special. 
If you would like to make your memories unforgettable you need to see this book!

It comes out in two versions - just the png-s and the whole collection in .psd and .png files!

take me to the shop

The simple book is here and the whole collection is here.

You can see my book here:

The whole pack includes:

20 ready to use pages-

16 .psd files - they are really easy to costumise! you can change the background paper, write comments, put more pictures to the page!

16 png files - you need just to put your picture(s) under the layer

4 .jpg files

and the cover and the back

EXTRA: if you buy the pack you will have 3 solid background papers and 8 extra wordarts in .png files - they are perfect with your book 

They are really easy to use and perfect for your mum, children, for your husband maybe for christmas etc..

Don't forget: make your memories unforgettable!

oh and yes you know the sale is extended!! yeh!!

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