NEW | 35% off | the way of using the dandelionDreams kit!


I hope you have an amazing day!
Today I have again something special!
Something soft and clean

I would like to show you my newest kit | megaPack | notionSet | storyTags | stitchIt set | quickPages.

and of course I'll show you how many ways are
if you want to use the kit!

So here is it:

dandelionDreams digital kit
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on sale 20% off - newsletter subscribers will have more 10% so they can have it 30% off!! YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER HERE!!

dandelionDreams notionSet - ready to use overlays
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dandelionDreams stitchIt - ready to use overalys
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dandelionDreams storyTags
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dandelionDreams quickPages
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and all together:
dandelionDreams megaPack - 35% OFF
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and how I told you I show some pages - you can see the different ways of using the kit! and an amazing hybrid project as well!!

some really gorgeous pages by the team:

an amazing page by Lile:

a fab one by beszteri:

a simple but stunning one by flohbock:

you can use the kit if you want to tell a story like stepko:

perfect for your wedding pictures - a page by Merienn:

a really cute one by mijo:

for newborn pictures by beaute:

and for last:
an amazing hybrid project by the talented Dorka:
she made an amazing mini album using the kit!

using the story tags:

huh thanks so much for reading my long-long post and if you have any question just let me know!!
have a great day!!

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