DSD sale and just $2!!!

Hi I am here - today first time!!
I promise I'll  back;)

Here is my part of the shots:

4 page templates all in .psd and .tif files and it is just

all with clipping masks!!

and here is the new 5 5 5 collab - paper rain!!
It is just $5 !!!!!!!!! 
don't miss it!!

page by me:)

you know everything is 35% off!!! but I would like to give you 
MORE 15% so you can buy my things 50% off!!

use this:

I hope you will have an amazing DSD!!
I will back today with free coupons!!
take care and big hugs to you!!!!!!!!!!!

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lmjrocko írta...

Awesome templates! I have all of yours now I need these~