N E W feel the line pack XV. - BIRTHDAY EDITION!! and a new 5 5 5 collab!

Hi for all!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!
My sweet Dalida was 5 on Friday!!
Yes she is sooooooooo big now!
She had a big party with her little friends :D
Later I'll show you a pic;)
but now here is my newest collection of templates.
this is so special because you know A5D has a birthday too!!

Feel the line pack XV. { birthday edition }

!!!!! and it is just $2 !!!!!

here are some pages from the amazing team:

by altalena
by ányi
by beaute
by Kizzy
by stepko
by Tinci

and as I said A5D has a new collab too!!

This kit is FREE with a $10 purchase, September 27th - October 3rd! 
Happy Birthday
 A5D 2 Birthday Collab

This beautiful and unique collab features by Mixologist:
-Dido Designs
-Cinnamon Designs
-Createwings Designs
-Jazzmin Designs
-Jofia Designs
- Glam Fairy Designs
- Kimla Designs
- Lily Designs
- Nikki Beaudreau
- Magali Designs
- Marta Designs 
This collab includes:
- about 90 elements
- 29 papers
- 2 layered templates
all 300 dpi!
page by Tinci:

by Véro:
by ányi:
by beaute:

and a page from me with my BIG GIRL:


Happy Birthday - new collab by A5D
Kimla Designs - soft and creamy 
Lily Designs - happy birhday.

and I have one more page!!
Dali made it!
YES she made it!!
She used the new collab to of course with my help but she was the boss!! as always hehe!


created by Dalida ;)
Happy Birthday by A5D
Lily Desigsn - happy birthday.

Oh I think that was what I want!!
Later I'll back with an extra coupons!!
See you later!!

4 megjegyzés:

Tonaphi írta...

Happy Birthday to your little big girl. 5 years, that is a special age.

The Pages are wonderful.

Janka írta...

Azta, tényleg Dali csinálta???? Anyukám! Nagyon klassz oldal lett! Valamit örökölt ez a gyerek, nem? :D

Sabee írta...

hűűű Dali milyen ügyes!!! nagyon tetszik az oldala :)

lammogliagirl írta...

Your LO of Dali is so soft and beautiful!! And hers is adorable! I love how by just doing, we teach our children how important it is to remember :) I have two boys and I don't think either of them will be become digital scrapbook artists but they do appreciate how much work and love goes into it and that's good enough for me! Big hugs xxx