Mia's nameday - collab 50% off!!

Today is Mia's nameday and I would like to give our new collab with Flora 
50 % off!!!!!!!!!!

Sale price: $4.49
Normal price: $8.99

be in the first 10 and you will have more 20% coupon to my shop!!
I'll send you the coupon to your e-mail adress!!

edited: this code will get an additional 20% off


so you can have it 70% off!!
don't miss it!!

have a nice day!!

hugs for you all!!

5 megjegyzés:

ZuzanaH írta...

I'm the first? :)
I'm sooooooooo happy

twomama írta...

Thank you for an additional discount. My e-mail - nhhell@mail.ru

Tristania írta...

Thank you so much!!
Have a nice day!!


lmjrocko írta...

I can't get the coupon code to work?

Abeille írta...

Wonderful collab templates!!