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Hi for all!! The new products are in the shop now:-)
For today I bring you a new pack of temlates, masks, and floral brushes vol 02.

Feel the line pack XI.
$3.59 On SaleOn Sale
Flower fantasy brushes vol 02.
in png files

$1.99 On SaleOn Sale
Photo masks vol 03 - vintage summer
$1.99 On SaleOn Sale
and you can see how talented the girls are!!
here we come some gorgeous lo's from the team:

by Tine
by miheda
by Jak-Line
by Jarkab1
by Holly Spring
by Tinci
by Traumelfe
  by Kizzy
by janao
by julismama
by Véro
by Mi Monteiro
by Holly Spring
by ruth
by beszteri
by ányi
by janka
by Timo
by Olio
by stepko
by ányi
by beszteri
by Véro
by janao
by janka
by Timo

and the last 
I have 5 free coupons for the templates:


would you like to have the pack of templates?
just leave me a comment and I'll pick 3 lucky!! 
deadline Sunday!!

hugs to you all!!

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Aksinij írta...

Thanks for the coupon! I am very happy!!!

Nataliya Zima írta...

Oh wow!!! Thanks for the coupon! I'm stunned and happy!!

lmjrocko írta...

Thank you so much for these wonderful templates!

Tonaphi írta...

Beautiful templates..
But to late for the coupons. :-((
I hope I´m lucky this weekend...
Thanks for the chance...


Rebecca írta...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

Minni írta...


Anja írta...

Wow! These are awesome templates! Thank you so much for the chance to win! I really love the pages your CT girls made! Fantastic!

Congrats to your newest Ct members!


Val írta...

Oh I was far too late for the coupon, but Thanks for picking up more lucky scrapper... Thanks for the chance

TJ írta...

Beautiful new products!!!!

Secima írta...

Megint nagyon szépeket készítettél és a velük alkotott oldalak is gyönyörűek. :)

Jootje írta...

Fantastic, looks awesome! Thank you for this chance!

osaru írta...

Great stuff!!

Wonder of my heart írta...

They look amazing as always!! Gorgeous pages :) Thanks for the chance!!


Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? írta...

I love them all!