July 5-5-5! shot

lo by stepko

Hi for all!! and happy monday:) it is 5-5-5 so here is the time for SHOT! Now I have a shot with 2 templates and 3 bacground papers! I show you:

it is just $2 now!!

here are some gorgeous pages from the girls:

by lucie:
by beszteri:
by JanettD:
by Kizzy:
by ányi:
by Tinci:
by Kizzy:
by Véro:
by Jarkab1:
by Traumelfe:
by Tine:
by beaute:

today I am a little tired:) give me please a little time ;)
hugs - and I'll back;)

2 megjegyzés:

Anja írta...

Gorgeous! And awesome pages by your CT! :-)

Tonaphi írta...

WOW. Beautiful pages. Realy fantastic.