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don't forget to leave a comment here and you can win!!

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Maja írta...

Thank you for the encouragement:) And here's my comment: I admire your artistic work, it is true recently, but surely become a true fan! I cordially greet!

Mirella írta...

Wow thanks for the change, My hobby is scrapbooking and photography, you can see some pictures on my blog, I also did a shoot with a pregnant women and with a model.
But my biggest models are my children LOL.
I love your photographers blog template.

I love your new templates, what maja said your work is really artistic, everytime I think how does she do it???
Are you going to tell us your secret?

Have a fantastic weekend.

Hugs Mirella

татьяна Yshko írta...

I want to tell you that I love your work ... but I like the tenderness and softness in your naborah.A in templates like their originality!! are very interesting! Keep doing your beauty!! And we'll enjoy!