Xmas wordarts and photot overlays - winter - for today!

lo by Anubis1
using xmas wordart by me:-)

szép napot Mindenkinek! a mai nap két kiegészítőt hoztam, téli oldalakhoz :-)

Today I bring you 2 little thing for your christmas or winter pages!

- On Sale
and some amazing pages:

by altalena:
by Irenchen:
by JanaO:
by Mrs.Ela:
by stepko:
by Tinci:
and a wordart pack - xmas wordarts:

$1.59 - On Sale
to the shop
here are some pages with it:

by beaute:
by JanaO:
by JanettD:
by Janka:
by Mary:
by MissMinx:
by Mrs.Ela:
by stepko:
by Timo:
by Tinci:
by Tine:
by me:-)
and don't forget the big sale at A5D!!!

leave me a comment and I will give you a free coupon for the new products!!
deadline: 20th dec!!

Ps: I come back later and I will give you free coupons:-) don't miss it!! :-)

have a nice day!!
szép napot!!

19 megjegyzés:

Madeline írta...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!I love the WA and photomasks...Great pages from your CT too!Thanks for the chance.


Tink írta...

Wow! This is so wonderful. Love your new stuff. These pages are all stunning, great job by your CT. Thank you for the chance.

Jitka írta...

I really love your work and the LOs are beautiful! Thank you for the chance..

татьяна Yshko írta...

Thanks for the chance !!!!!

Natalie írta...

Wow so wonderful Wordarts and Masks and so fantastic pages wich your ct have made. I love the page from mary, she used pictures from my daughter ;-)

Thanks for the chance


OliO írta...

Thanks for this wonderful chance !!!!!

Anikó írta...

Nagyon tetszenek a maszkok és a wordart-ok! Szuper lett!!!

nie írta...

Nice masks and wordart!! :)

Wonder of my life írta...

They are absolutly stunning and gorgeous!! Thank you so much for the chance :)

Hugs Natascha

Rebecca írta...

Wow!! I love the products!!! Thank you for the chance to win them!!!

jessa írta...

Your masks are awesome - makes me wish we had christmas in winter. And your wordart is sooooo sweet - I love it! Thanks for your generosity

Maygirl írta...

oh, thank you so much! love your creativity! Hugs

Maygirl írta...

oh, thank you so much! love your creativity! Hugs

Krisz írta...

Szuper lett! Én is szeretnék ilyet?! :)

photomagic247 írta...

Beautiful!! Love the wordart!
Thank you!

szrjudit írta...

Hű, ezek a maszkok nagyon szuperek!!! Ém szeretnék nyerni ;)

Ramona írta...

Beautiful, love your overlay. And such fantastic photo!!!

Wonderful job.

Thank you for your generous offer :)

Zsu írta...

Nagyon tetszenek a maszkok és a wordart-ok! :) Köszi a lehetőséget!

Noncsi írta...

Szuperek a maszkok és a wordart-ok is, szeretném megnyerni, köszönöm a lehetőséget! :)))