Homemade holidays - 5 5 5 collab

Feel the warmth and love of the Holiday season with this beautiful kit coordinated by After Five Designs Mixologists. This kit is jam packed with gorgeous goodies for all your Holiday themed layouts, but is versatile enough to be used for lots of different projects. Everything created at 300 dpi.

* This gorgeous kit features work by Mixologists: bisontine
* Camila Designs
* Catherine Designs
* Cinnamon Designs
* Dido Designs
* K Studio
* Nikki Beaudreau Designs
* Pink Ellie Designs
And our exceptional December Guest Mixologist:
* creashens

* This kit includes: 31 textured 12"x12" papers + 1 transparent PNG paper (all other papers are JPG)
* 1 full lowercase cookie alpha
* Over 100 unique elements
* Many elements come shadowed as well as unshadowed

just click to the image and enjoy the slideshow!! :-)

2 megjegyzés:

татьяна Yshko írta...

Posh collab! Well done girls!!

Chantal írta...

What a great kit!!

Love Chantal