I remember - this moment

This page inspired by the amazing scrapper - _She - Monika with the big fish:) and I used a hungrian wordart by Janka:)


Janka - wordart;
Natali Design - seaside;
Natali Design - playing with overlays 5;
ViVa - Contemplation.

4 megjegyzés:

Christelle írta...

Very very creative !!!

Maria írta...

You've got an amazing talant, my friend! Amazingly creative!

Timo írta...

Húúúúúúúúúúúúúú, Dia! Fantasztikusat alkottál megint!!! Ötletes, egyedi és nagyon Dido-s!!:D

Annika írta...

What a great way to show off a picture! Very creative! Beautiful!