Quick Page album collab between Catherine Designs and Dido Designs

összesen 15 oldalt tartalmaz az új gyorsalbum készlet, amelyet Catherine-vel készítettem közösen. Tartalmaz rózsaszín és kék változatokat is, valamint semleges színűeket, hogy mindenki megatlálja a megfelelőt:)

We bring to you a collection of 8 highly detailed quick pages from the Spring Retreat kit. Each page is filled with gorgeous detail work, custom shadows and layers upon layers that will delight the eye. Save yourself all those hours with these that are already completed for you. Just place your photo behind the open frame and you are done!

One of the Quick Pages has been created by layout artist Monika, aka _She

Don't forget to check our full Spring Retreat kit if you feel inspired to create some more layouts!

Included: 8 12 x 12 Quick Pages saved as a PNG Format. With the different versions offered per QP, you get a total of 15 Quick pages.

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