blog4scrap - the new digiscrapblog

This blog/Blog4Scrap was created to gather everyone from the national and international scrapworld.
We are pleased to help you to make your way easier to start composing/creating your own exciting and fabulous scraps. We try to give you inspiration and ideas through our continuous monitoring on this field, we try to share the newest free supplies, elements /freebies/ as soon as we bump into something great and exciting.
We will let you know if a scrapper comes out with a grandiose innovation, or if we just find a very special web page that you must not fail to see it!

All in all, with this blog, you can make your first step into the scrap's world... You can expect many challenges, you can scraplift, and hopefully you will find a lot of fun in making new and newest scraps. So, you have only one thing to do: give wings to your thought and your scrap will come true!
Let's SCRAP!

3 megjegyzés:

Christelle írta...

Thanks for your translation !

Therese írta...

Hi todido (what´s your real name...?) Of course you can show my pages, I am honoured. I ´ve tried to visit the blog but I couldn´t because you must be invitied...?

krisssz írta...

Szia Didó!

A http://halado.cewe-fotokonyv.hu/ oldalán a legújabb freebievel egy kihívás is indul. A pontos infókat az oldalon megtalálod. Ha feltöltesz képet , nyerhetsz egy ajándék kupont, amivel ingyen csináltathatsz egy fotókönyvet a Cewénél.
Ha érdekel, nézd meg az oldalt, szeretettel várlak:))